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FUZE Music

FUZE Music

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FUZE Music Custom Earphones are the ultimate upgrade to your iPhone/Smartphone. Perfect fit, superb sound and incredibly secure.

FUZE F18 w/mic The next level of FUZE speakers with premium acoustic balance and more low-end punch. Incredible specialized micro-electronics engineered to be precisely molded for an absolutely perfect custom fit.

Perfect for helmet use. Comfortable and secure fit. Passive noise reduction. Braided sheath cord.

Guaranteed to stay in place.  If you've had enough of hard plastic earbuds that constantly fall out, you'll love these made-to-your-ear headphones. Now you can experience the ultra-secure fit of custom earphones for an affordable price.

Fuze Custom Earphones come packaged in an easy do-it-yourself system. By following the simple steps, you'll have a set of quality, permanent, ready-to-use custom earphones in less than 15 minutes.

The box includes:

  • FUZE F18 micro electronics (specialized speakers)
  • Braided sheath cord with integrated mic for phone calls
  • Black Magic earpiece molding material (healthcare-grade)
  • Simple, full-color instructions with web video
  • Material for a practice ear
CUSTOM MOLDED FIT | Watch it in 30 seconds