Giving You Perfect Fit for the 2024 Season!

I'd like a quick Synopsis of your product.
Hard, plastic earbuds don’t match your ear. FUZE custom earphones are soft, flexible, comfortable and shaped exactly to your ear. They truly fit better than a glove. Developed as an engineered system, FUZE specialized micro-speakers are designed to integrate inside the custom earpiece for a simple molding process and a resulting earpiece ths has a flush, low profile fit.

How does it Work?
Everything is included in the box. Simply position the specialized FUZE speakers in your ears, mix the molding material, form it to your ear and wait 15 minutes. The finished custom earphones are permanently shaped to your ears and made of a soft, durable ear friendly material. Many of our customers have gotten years of use.

What comes in the Box?
Speakers and molding material. The molding material hardens in 15 minutes and permanently bonds with the speakers. All FUZE earphones include specialized FUZE electronics and two-part molding material produced in a healthcare laboratory facility.

How long does it take?
Molding is easy. The entire process takes 15 minutes from start to finished custom earphones.

The idea seems great but does it really work?
Yes. Thousands of people count on FUZE custom earphones in the most intense environments. From Motorsports racing and adventure touring to ultra-runners going the distance, our products are used around the world and found on the winner's podium. Athlete Proven | Award Winning

Is your company new? This is the first time I've seen your products.
Our background is in clinical audiology and we've been providing custom earphones since before smartphones were even a thing.

Product Comparison
Our Motorsports Racing products are intended for voice use in a race car. We've been providing drivers with them for a long time and they remain unchanged from past years.

FUZE Music products feature the F18 transducer which is an incredibly small stereo speaker. This speaker sounds great and also allows for the micro-electronics to be fully embedded inside the custom earpiece. A great option for sports and everyday listening. Its tiny size is a revelation for women and people with smaller ears. It produces premium acoustics and rich bass.

We guarantee your satisfaction and stand behind our product.

Do I have to remold them?
FUZE earphones are permanently shaped to your ear with the specialized micro-speakers bonded inside the mold.

Is your product just DIY molds for earbuds I already have? I like my earbuds. Can I just order some molding stuff?
Full enclosure: there's more to custom earphones than molding material. FUZE audio components integrate fully inside the custom earpiece, providing a permanent solution. FUZE is an Engineered system that requires all the included components for complete custom earphones. FUZE is light years ahead of an earplug DIY project.

Plastic earphones are not designed to be molded and if you try, you'll see why: the mold and your plastic earphone will come apart right away. FUZE micro-electronics are vastly different than your intuition might suggest.

We can relate that you've probably gone through a lot of different headphones to find a pair you like and now would like to custom fit them.The FUZE FitKit is a possibility. It includes a special non-adhesive film that wraps your earphone to grip the molding material.