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FUZE earphones | Molded to Your Ears
Fuze Earphones deliver the fit, comfort and in-ear security that you've been looking for. The custom molded earpiece is soft, durable and ear-friendly. Your Fuze custom earphones will be permanently shaped exactly to your ears for a perfect fit.

Custom Earphones | The Perfect Fit

Fuze earphones provide the incredible benefits of custom earphones in a proven do-it-yourself system. Only a custom molded earpiece can effectively match electronics to the uniqueness of the ear. Professional athletes, musicians, and hearing doctors will all emphasize there is no substitute for custom earphones.

Fuze earphones don't shift or fall out during exercise. They don't even budge. The natural contours of your ears lock the earphones in place with glove-like fit. And because the shape is matched to your ears, they fit and feel like your favorite slippers.

Your Fuze Custom Earphones will be permanently shaped exactly to your ears. The custom molded earpiece is soft, durable and ear-friendly.

Custom Earphones Made Easy

Fuze uses an easy 3 step system that allows you to create a permanent pair of quality, custom-fitted earphones. In about 10 minutes, you'll go from start-to-finished custom earphone. Everything you need is included in the box. The specialized Fuze two-part molding putty is simple to work with, bonds with Fuze electronics and is engineered to become a permanently integrated unit. The finished earphones retain their molded shape permanently. The materials are soft, flexible and have very ear pleasing qualities.

Our materials and method are based in clinical audiology. Audiology solved the earbud problem decades ago with custom molded earpieces, yet this conventional process is expensive and a luxury most of us will never pursue. Exclusive EarFuze technology is proven as the world's only successful do-it-yourself custom earphones.

We're all about everyone getting to experience and enjoy a custom fit. Fuze Earphones: A whole lot better than mass produced earbuds and a whole lot less cash than the overkill of custom monitors. We think that rocks.

Developed for the Active Lifestyle

Providing a true solution to sports users is our bedrock and our mission. Our customers include runners, athletes, motorsports enthusiasts, riders, drivers and countless other active users. We constantly hear from individuals who are floored by how well Fuze earphones perform.

If you're a trail marathoner, plan on a bear attack while retying your shoes before you ever find yourself fiddling with your Fuze earphones. | While you're schralping the gnar, crank the soundtrack and don't expect the music to stop when you yard sale. | If you're cruising on two wheels, you'll be enjoying uninterrupted tuneage even when the washboard and potholes rattle out your gold fillings. | For the short track driver trying to lap the competition, its always a victory when you're not pulling duck tape off your ears like the other guys who think they know all the tricks.