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FUZE Bluetooth

FUZE Bluetooth

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Cut the Cord with Bluetooth! FUZE Wireless Custom Earphones for your iPhone/smartphone. Listen to your music and take calls with wireless Bluetooth streaming.

Supernatural Fit  means your FUZE wireless earphones stay locked comfortably in place like you can't believe. You'll never have the annoying problem of earbuds that shift and fall out. Your music will always be in the "sweet spot".

Low Profile Bluetooth! Your FUZE Custom Bluetooth Earphones remain flush and low-profile for a great fit under the helmet.

Equipped with FUZE F18 stereo drivers. Specialized FUZE F18 speakers are the next level in micro-sound technology.

Left and right FUZE earphones are connected by a keeper cord (shirt-collar length) with a miniature Bluetooth receiver.  Easy to operate play/pause/call, volume, forward/back buttons.  Works with voice activation such as Siri and Cortana.

The box includes:

  • FUZE F18 micro electronics (specialized speakers)
  • Bluetooth connection for music and calls
  • Black Magic earpiece molding material (healthcare-grade)
  • Simple, full-color instructions with web video
  • Material for a practice ear
  • Universal Micro USB Charging (1-2hrs charge. Up to 7 hrs play)