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Short FUZE- Short Cord

Short FUZE- Short Cord

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Choose speaker type before ordering: "Racing" for Voice Specific use or "Music" for listening to music.

The Short FUZE eliminates extra cord length. It has a short cord with the plug reaching to about the shirt collar. The plug is at the Y junction of the earphones, meaning the cord is 12" in length.  Yes, it is short.  The beautiful thing about this model is that it is interchangeable and can be used with an extension for standard length or shortened for a Bluetooth receiver at the shirt collar. An extension of any length can be added if desired. Anyone who needs the option to adjust cord length should consider this version.

Ideal for running and exercise or plugging into a helmet communication system.

The box includes:

  • FUZE micro electronics (specialized speakers)
  • Braided sheath cord with integrated mic for phone calls
  • Black Magic earpiece molding material (healthcare-grade)
  • Simple, full-color instructions with web video
  • Material for a practice ear
  • Soft storage pouch