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Real World unsolicited feedback from our customers:

Name: John Kaanta
Location: Elk Mound, WI

In John's Words: I wanted to let your company know that I had purchased a set of Fuze earphones and was absolutely, completely, satisfied and delighted with their comfort and quality. I am the owner and driver of a dirt late model race car here in Wisconsin and we are mandated at many tracks to wear a Raceceiver. I found Raceceiver earbuds to be inadequate and uncomfortable. Thats why I tried your product and was pleasantly impressed with both comfort, noise reduction, and cost. There are hundreds of race drivers out there that would be equally as impressed with your product- you just have to get the message to them!

" The earphones are great, sound fantastic, and are definitely worth more. Molding the earpieces was easy, and left me with a very comfortable setup." Launce

" It's hard to describe how well this works!!!!!!!" Mckinley

" Ear fuze is amazing! I ran with them for the first time in the denver race for the cure this weekend. Ive never had such clear sound quality while running. Usually they slip out or i pull them. These did not budge. Thank you so so much." Jennifer

" I just got mine fitted and absolutely love them! The process couldn't have been easier, and the results are excellent!" Seth

" I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for making such a great product. We are a INEX Legends racing team and we use your custom ear pieces for our drivers in the race car.

We have used other products costing three times more and they don't compare to yours. We would like to tell other drivers how unbelievable they are." John

" Easy to mold, works great for motorcycle riding." Chuck

" The greatest electonic-human interface I have ever expereienced." Kat

" I just wanted to say that I just fitted my Fuze earphones and they are FANTASTIC! I got them to wear while riding my mototrcycle and of course wearing a helmet after several different earbuds just didn't stay in. I've tried my helmets on while wearing the Fuze and they stayed put both putting the helmet on and taking it off. It was money well spent!! Thank You!" Keith

" I just fitted my Earfuze phones after getting them in the mail and the one word is WOW! Earbuds would fall out, over the ear isolation headphones were too bulky and hot, ear hooked headphones were a poor fit at best but these are the real deal! The only fault I have is that there is no R or L stereo identification on them out of the box. I found it using the ipod balance controls so I could get them right before I molded them. Otherwise they're perfect!" Rusty

" They sound great. I climbed at the gym with them in today and I really like them. They were much better than anything I've used before. I also had them in while doing yard work and lifting in the gym.

For the Hotter 'n Hell 100 I had EarFuze with me and used them in one ear for the ride. Sweet!

I'm not going back to my other earbuds. These things rock." Luc

" These are awesome! I have a set of molded earplugs for my motorcycle and paid $75.00 for them. Then I wanted headphones in them. They wanted $300.00 plus I had to wait 6 weeks for delivery. Your Fuze earphones are just as equal of a product as theirs without the inflated cost. I have passed on your company's website to all of my cycling and motorcyling buddies. I can't say anything negative about your product. Only improvement is perhaps more colors for the flashy folks. Keep up the good work." Loydster

" Fit-wise you cannot beat the earfuse. They are impossible to shake out and they are super comfortable." Shmoesmith

" The fit is far superior to any "ear buds" on the market." Christopher

" Great earphones, had to by more for friends and family who were jealous of mine!" Hilary

" I received my iFuzes today and they’re great." Patrick

" These things are amazing! I love them. I used them first for a 15K race. The instructions were very easy to understand. And the actual task of molding them was a piece of cake. I opened the packet, practiced one earmold, and molded the actual EarFuze buds all in 5 minutes the morning of the race. I did it right before I walked out the door and let them set while I was in the car. It was so much less trouble than I thought it was going to be.

The ease of installation is however nothing compared to the performance of these puppies!

Normally, I get quite a bit of disturbance with with regular earbuds. They'll bounce around in my ear, painfully rubbing some spots in my ear, and occasionally falling out. During a run, either short or long, I'm constantly having to reach up and readjust them. On long runs, I sometimes even have to take them out because they've rubbed my ear raw (whether they have the padding on them or not). Also, since they're moving around so much, I hardly ever hear direct sound out of them.

Not the case with EarFuze. They do not move around! They do not fall out. I ran 15K on concrete and asphalt and they didn't budge. They're incredibly comfortable. I never had to worry about them the entire time. If the sound quality wasn't so perfect, I'd have to check and make sure they were still there.

About the sound, it is amazing. The fact that the speaker inserts directly into the ear canal and stays put makes the sound so much clearer and consistent. In fact, I removed one EarFuze halfway through the race, (the one that was in the ear closest to my running buddies, Cassy and Amy, so we could talk) and even with only one earbud in, the sound was crystal clear and the perfect volume. I didn't even have the volume turned all the way up. So I was able to enjoy my music and my friends. With regular earbuds, it doesn't ever seem like you get enough power out of one earbud to just listen to one.

Also, forget about $400 (or whatever) sound cancelling Bose earphones. These things are great on the plane. I was even able to drown out crying babies by popping these things in my ears and turning on my favorite music.

I'll never use anything else. I'm completely hooked. I don't see how any runner can be without it. Trust me, I'm telling everybody I know! It makes such an incredible difference. I truly hope this product is successful, because when I have to replace the pair I have, I'd hate to not be able to. " Candice

" WOW! Incredible sound great bass better than Shure E2C that retail at over $100!"


" These were easy to setup and install, sound very good and they are perfectly snug. If you are into any outdoor sports, you cannot go wrong." BillH

" Outstanding product!" Dwayne

" These are the only comfortable earphones I have ever owned." Judy

" They are the greatest sound and ear-spooning experience ever, all rolled into one." Travis

" HOLY CRAP!! I paid 500 clams for a worse product!AAA+++++" David

" My Fuze's Work Great! Hey wanted to let you know that I tried it out when I got home and they've worked awesome. That is an ingenious product you've got there. I'm loving my pair, and props for creating the most awesome pair of earbuds I've ever used...and you can put that on your site too :)" Scott

" Great deal when compared to $200 custom ear pieces!" Jeff

" Did one set of practice ears and realized it wasn't too involved at all. it wasn't difficult at all as it turns out. They stay in very well, i can't seem to shake them out of my ears and stayed in great when i hit the stair machine tonight for 30 min. they sound at least as good as other brands but i may not be the biggest stereophonic you're gonna find all in all, they deliver what you say they will once i motivated myself to set them up and i am very happy with them." Kokomas

" The sound quality (which is the main point, right?) is pretty nice. Certainly far better than the ear buds supplied with my Ipod. Overall I am satisfied with them." Bob

" I was a little intimidated by the whole thing but I molded a couple of practice ears and it was easy and they came out well. The speakers sound 10X better than ipod earbuds, they sound really good." Beatered

" Review: Three way Deathmatch
Thought I'd review the EarFuze headphones and compare them to the ones I have (which coincidentally seem to be the most popular/common).

Contenders: iPod Headphones, Skullcandy Smokin' Buds, and the EarFuze

Categories: Comfort, Staying power, Sound Quality, and Other.

EarFuzes win hands down. Skullcandy is a close second. The iPod headphones are a clear last...frankly, my ears do not fit the large round flat speakers. On the EarFuze, the mold feels pretty comfortable, but also secure. I forget I'm wearing them after a while.

Staying power
I did this test by cupping my hands over my ears and mimicking the shape and movement of a helmet's ear pads while skiing.The EarFuze felt more secure. The iPod headphones came out pretty quick.

Sound Quality
The EarFuze win " Squatch

" Well, I finished them tonight and did a 4way comparison
Earfuze $45
Sony sport (kind that hook over year ear, but earbud interior) $12
Phillips regular old open air headphones with band $12
Sennheiser 510's (enclosed ear) $130

Well, lets go with sound since that is one of my biggest concerns....test music was Guns n'Roses..sweet child of mine and Gun's N'Roses November Rain
Earfuze = Pretty clear...loud with little volume needed
Sony = Sounded almost identical to the earfuse.
Phillips = More bass now, mid sounded muddled and very un-crisp highs.
Sennheiser.....need I say more?

Next we move on to fit.
Earfuze = $#@$%ING AMAZING! I headbanged and shook my head side to side violently and rapidly and could not get those things to budge a bit...infact they were actually kinda hard to take out! SUPER COMFORTABLE. OH, BTW these are SUPER easy to mold to your ears. The putty material is VERY easy to work with.
Sony=pretty secure fit, but a little headbanging and they were clean off! Not very comfortable headphones
Phillips=least comfortable, don't stay on worth a damn.
Sennheiser = These are studio monitors..not good for exercise but great around the house etc.

Fit-wise you cannot beat the earfuse. They are impossible to shake out if you do a good job molding them and they are super comfortable.

Thanks for the hookup man!!! I will carry the biz cards you sent and actively stop some joggers and give them out on my daily runs. " shmoesmith

" I love the sound… nice stuff" Frank

" I molded mine and they sound awesome! worth way more. All in all, great product, great deal." Hutch