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FUZE MUSIC: Custom Molded Earphones


FUZE Music Custom Earphones are the ultimate upgrade to your iPhone/Smartphone. Perfect fit, superb sound and incredibly secure.

You'll never have the annoying problem of earbuds that shift and fall out. Your music will always be in the "sweet spot".

Quality acoustics deliver full, rich, balanced sound. Includes microphone for phone calls and braided sheath cord for durability.

Fuze Custom Earphones come packaged in an easy do-it-yourself system. By following the simple steps, you'll have a set of quality, permanent, ready-to-use custom earphones in less than 15 minutes.

The box includes:

  • Fuze 5 stereo drivers(specialized electronics)
  • Braided sheath cord with integrated mic for phone calls
  • BioFuzion earpiece material (pre-measured, healthcare-grade)
  • Simple, full-color instructions with web video
  • Material for a practice ear
  • Soft storage pouch
FUZE Music w/mic Black
Sale Price: $39.95


FUZE Music w/mic
$45 Color Option:

Choose from the classic Red/Blue Combo, or all Beige, all Red, or all Blue.


Customer Reviews:

I just fitted mine and absolutely love them! The process couldn't have been easier, and the results are excellent! --Seth

Easy to mold, works great for motorcycle riding. --Chuck

A must have for running and lifting weights. Great product!!! --Dana

The earphones are great, sound fantastic, and are definitely worth more. Molding the earpieces was easy, and left me with a very comfortable setup. --Launce

These things are amazing! I love them. I don't see how any runner can be without it. I'm telling everybody I know! --Candice

FUZE Racing Earphones


FUZE Racing Earphones are designed for the local speedway. Ideal for racers who need the perfect fit of molded earphones.

FUZE is absolutely committed to delivering the full benefits of custom molded driver earphones at a fraction of the cost. Our products are race proven, award winning and used world wide.

The voice-optimized speakers are intended to deliver all the communication clarity you need for the track, eliminating the cost of music-specific speakers. Braided sheath cord for durability. The Black version is marked with a red identifier so its easy to tell Right ear.

All Fuze earphones have a universal 3.5mm stereo plug and 48 inch cord (from plug to earphone). Raceceiver ready.

The box includes:

  • FUZE specialized electronics (voice-optimized speakers)
  • BioFuzion earpiece material (pre-measured, healthcare-grade)
  • Simple, full-color instructions with web video
  • Extra Material for a practice ear
FUZE Racing
Color: Black (has easy R/L ear identifier)

FUZE Racing
Color: Red/Blue Color Combo

Could not be happier!!! Works like advertised. --Ron

Thanks again for offering a product like no other. --Lewis

Great deal when compared to $200 custom ear pieces! --Jeff

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for making such a great product. We use your custom ear pieces for our drivers in the race car. We have used other products costing three times more and they don't compare to yours. We would like to tell other drivers how unbelievable they are. --John

FUZE Bluetooth



Cut the Cord with Bluetooth! FUZE Wireless Custom Earphones for your iPhone/smartphone. Listen to your music and take calls with wireless Bluetooth streaming.

Low Profile Bluetooth! Left and right FUZE earphones are connected by a short keeper-cord (necklace length) with a miniature Bluetooth receiver. Your FUZE Custom Bluetooth Earphones remain flush and low-profile for a great fit under the helmet.

Equipped with FUZE 5 stereo drivers. Specialized FUZE 5 speakers are the next level in micro-sound technology.

FUZE 5 Wireless Bluetooth Custom Earphones - Ships now! - $59.95


Much appreciated and I have had friends purchase these over the years from you, I fist bought mine while i worked in the bike industry many years ago. Love them! --Ian

They keep the wind noise down with my helmet and are the greatest thing since sliced bread. --Wayne

I'd like to thank earfuze for a great product. I began using it last year and now I wouldn't use anything else! --Kreig

I'd like to express my thanks to you guys for your awesome products. I've used them the past 3 years and love them. --Jeff

Short FUZE- Short Cord



The Short FUZE eliminates extra cord length. It has a short cord with the plug reaching to about the shirt collar. The beautiful thing about this model is that it is interchangeable and can be used with an extension for standard length or shortened for a Bluetooth receiver at the shirt collar. The plug is at the Y junction of the earphones, meaning you can shorten the cord down to only 12" if desired. Mic and 30" cord extension is included. Anyone who needs the option to adjust cord length should consider this version.

The box includes:

  • FUZE 5 electronics
  • BioFuzion earpiece material (pre-measured, healthcare-grade)
  • Material for a practice ear
  • Soft storage pouch
  • Simple, full-color instructions with web video
$40 Color: Black


RACEceiver Package


Fuze Motorsports with RACEceiver
We've got your racing communication needs covered with the best driver solution available. Now you can get your RACEceiver and Fuze Custom Earphones in this complete, one-stop shopping package. An exceptional value.

Includes: RACEceiver 1600 and Fuze Motorsports Custom Earphones (full version).



Universal Molding System


Custom fit your favorite earbuds with the FUZE molding system.

This patented system uses our Fusion Film, enabling your earphones to bond (i.e. fuse) with the FUZE molding material. The innovative FUSION Film preps your earphone with a thin film wrapper that self-fuses around the earphone, forming a strong grip without using glue or adhesive. This prep step is essential for ensuring the earmold stays attached after molding. Works with any model of earphone.

Includes: FUZE Fusion Film and FUZE BioFuzion Molding Material (2 sets black).





Volume Contol
Add on in-line volume control. Approx 9 inches long with rotary switch.