Fuze Custom Fit Molded Earphones Headphones Affordable do-it-yourself Custom Molded earphones for sports, motorsports, motorcycle helmet speakers, driver earpieces Fuse earfuze.com

Affordable Custom Molded Earphones - Fast! The FUZE specialized system delivers high quality, permanent, ready-to-use custom earphones in less than 15 minutes. FUZE stays comfortably in place like you can't believe, proven as the ultimate earphones for sports and motorsports. Learn more >>



Race Proven: FUZE for the Track


FUZE Racing
Includes everything.


Custom Molded Fit: Watch it in 30 Seconds

  Customer Reviews:

I just fitted mine and absolutely love them! The process couldn't have been easier, and the results are excellent!--Seth

Easy to mold, works great for motorcycle riding. --Chuck

A must have for running and lifting weights. Great product!!!--Dana

The earphones are great, sound fantastic, and are definitely worth more. Molding the earpieces was easy, and left me with a very comfortable setup.--Launce

These things are amazing! I love them. I don't see how any runner can be without it. I'm telling everybody I know! --Candice

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FUZE Music


FUZE 5 w/mic The next level of FUZE speakers with premium acoustic balance and more low-end punch. Incredible specialized micro-electronics engineered to be precisely molded for an absolutely perfect custom fit.

Perfect for helmet use. Comfortable and secure fit. Passive noise reduction. Braided sheath cord.

Guaranteed to stay in place. If you've had enough of hard plastic earbuds that constantly fall out, you'll love these made-to-your-ear headphones. Now you can experience the ultra-secure fit of custom earphones for an affordable price.


FUZE Racing


Race Proven since 2007 and designed for the local speedway. Our products are track tested, podium winning and used world wide. Track optimized speakers. RACEceiver ready.

Molded Fit for Pro Performance. Enjoy the substantial performance benefits of custom-made earpieces for a fraction of the cost. It's always a victory when you're not pulling duct tape off your ears like the other guys who think they know all the tricks!

This offer ships black with an easy identifier for R/L ear. Most drivers ask for black. Red/Blue available here .


FUZE Bluetooth

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'">    $59.95

Cut the Cord! Listen to your music and take calls wirelessly.

Low Profile Bluetooth! Flush fit and low-profile for a great fit under the helmet.

FUZE 5 performance micro-speaker stereo drivers deliver your music with full, rich acoustics.

Supernatural Fit means your FUZE wireless earphones stay locked comfortably in place like you can't believe. You'll never have the annoying problem of earbuds that shift and fall out. Your music will always be in the "sweet spot".


Watch "How it works" in this 90 second video.


Hear real-world feedback from motorsports racers.


See why FUZE stays comfortably
locked in place.